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After 13 years of not winning the All-Star game the NL has finally pulled out a victory.  Brian McCann (who I don’t like just because I don’t like players that beat up on the Phils) brought in 3 runs on a great hit to right field with bases loaded and 2 outs (Phils – watch and learn).  I now have a new appreciation for the All-Star game after not having home field advantage last year.  Maybe appreciation is a little strong but when was the last time that anyone had any reason to watch ANY All-Star game?  NOW there is a reason for a conference to win knowing that they have a chance to have home field advantage….unless you are the Pittsburgh Pirates who have no chance in getting to the World Series….sorry, but it’s true.  Maybe this is a good way for other sports to head?  It would effect any sport that has a series.  Probably wouldn’t have the same effect for sports that are just a 1 and done ie: Super Bowl.

On a more somber note (just b/c it is rude to cheer about death) George Steinbrenner passed away at the age of 80  (just turned 7/4/1930) of a massive heart attack.  Now I have nothing personally against George.  He did what is best for the NY Yankees.  Any fan would want the same from their owner.  Unfortunately Baseball teams* aren’t setup in a way that is in the best interest of the game (Yes, that is a see * below for reference).  The Yankees have the largest payroll since forever (easier to say forever then to actually present an actual fact).  I will provide this friendly link that shows that the Yankees are over 60 million than the 2nd place salary team (the Red Sox) –  If you browse back from that link you will find that it is a common trend with the Yankees.  That being said, George did what he thought was best for the team and possibly the fans….except for the over priced seats at the new stadium……….Which fan wouldn’t appreciate the passion and desire that George had for the Yankees winning? So fairwell George.  Even though I hope someday that Baseball will have a level playing field I still have respect for the things you have done for your team.

* Any cheap ass team that doesn’t have a payroll of at least 50 million doesn’t count.

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